Bureaus for rent

Contacts regarding the bureaus for rent

Department of rent:
Tel. +370 679 77833
E-mail: nuoma@herkausgalerija.lt

Let your work place reflect your achievements./p>

New office space distinguished by sophisticated style and up-to–date technologies, prestigious place on the city map – these are bureaus for the winners.

Exclusive advantages of this administrative space – unique terraces, where you can enjoy your quiet moments and views of the port during your breaks.

Universal skylights will fill the space with natural daylight – your work place in day time will always be full of optimism and dynamic light.

The separate parking is assigned for bureau’s employees and strategic location in the context of the entire city ensures easy access by all public and private transport, as well as smooth organization of commercial and administrative activity and generation of people flow, effective and pleasant work.

This is a business center for those perceiving the importance of the whole and the details, appreciating the comfort and up-to-date technologies, and knowing their value.

Look at the plan of the bureaus floor




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 The vicinity of Klaipeda old town and a unique architecture grant Herkaus galerija an exclusive touch. It is becoming a new center of attraction, which captures attention with it's spectacular architecture and modern interior. Top class offices, stylish shops and restaurants - all under one roof.